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GCLGS - Terms & Services

Terms & Conditions


The GCLGS Submission form must be completed with all fields entered correctly (see GCLGS Submission Procedures). Errors will delay the start of the grading process. Only one service type is allowed per each submission order.



The customer’s labels will be handled with reasonable care while in the possession of GCLGS. In the event an item is lost, damaged, or stolen while in GCLGS’s possession, the customer will be compensated in accordance with GCLGS’s standard procedures, and not necessarily based on the insured value that is assigned by the customer. Such compensation will be the customer’s exclusive remedy for any loss or damage, and GCLGS disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages arising there from.



Customer agrees to inspect all completed items upon receipt from GCLGS and report any damage within 3 days of receipt.  Customer agrees to hold harmless GCLGS for losses and/or claims caused by the circulation or sale of improperly marked or damaged items.



GCLGS will strive to authenticate and grade all labels within the business time frame indicated on the submission form. However, GCLGS will have no liability incidental or consequential damages due to GCLGS’s failure to process any label within the time frame. Compensation will be made in accordance with GCLGS’s standard voucher procedures.



The fees listed on the submission form are subject to change. Fees will be adjusted by GCLGS in the following cases:

A. If the package received has been damaged in postal delivery.
Note: all shipments must be insured.

B. If a label falls under the ‘no grade’ section because of being ‘altered’ or ‘counterfeit’.

C. New price changes



Even though GCLGS employs professional graders, it is strictly an opinion, which is made to the best of GCLGS’s ability. Therefore, GCLGS shall have no liability whatsoever to the customer for any ramifications due to the grading of a label.



GCLGS will not be responsible for any damage that might occur to customer labels caused by the mail services or if the package is not packaged correctly. Labels must be submitted in a crush proof container with ‘Do Not Bend’ notations around the package. The customer’s shipment must be packaged in accordance with GCGLS shipping instructions.



GCLGS retains the right to modify or change a previous decision. If the applicant seeks an opinion regarding a previous item, the applicant must submit the original un-tampered piece for re-grade. Re-grades will be processed as an Economy service type.

If the customer’s item does not meet GCLGS’s grading standards then the item will be returned at the submitter’s expense. GCLGS reserves the right to decline grading any item.


GCLGS shall have no liability whatsoever to the customer for any damage to any item, or otherwise, resulting from alteration, attempted alteration or misuse of a GCLGS encapsulated folder.



GCLGS disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied (including fitness for a particular purpose) regarding our services.



If an item is damaged, lost or stolen while in the possession of GCLGS the customer will be compensated by the following procedure:

A. The item will be replaced by an equivalent item of the same type and condition as the original item.

B. However, if GCLGS is unable to find an equivalent item of the same type and condition then compensation will be based on the price determined by GCLGS liability insurance.


GCLGS Standard voucher procedure: 

A.In the case, GCLGS does not meet the specified turnaround times,              GCLGS will only charge the customer for the service level that was achieved. In addition, the customer will receive a grading voucher for the pricing difference between the requested service price and the actual administered service price. This voucher can be applied as money to any future grading service request.

B.For labels that are not graded the customer will receive a replacement voucher for the price of the item that was originally requested.



Labels will not be graded for the following reasons.
A. The label bares evidence of restoration, such as recoloration,
B. The paper stock is altered in some way, or
C. There is questionable authenticity of the label, such as a forgery or a reproduction.


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