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GCLGS - Submission Procedure - Completing An Online Submission Form

Completing An Online Submission Form

Make sure all fields are updated and complete. Missing or incomplete fields will delay the start of the grading process.

1. Enter name, address, city, state, zip code, home phone, work phone or cell and E-mail address. For online submission create a password.

2. Choose Return Shipment method in the drop down box provided. Enter shipping account number if applicable.

3. Enter the number of labels that you will be entering for the order and press continue button to start entering line items.

4. Enter a complete "Title or Description". It is recommended that multiple titles be listed in alphabetical order.

5. Enter label type using the drop down box to select "Label type or Size". If label type is unknown, enter the dimensions of the label.

6. Enter Quantity
     A. For online submission, the "Service Cost", "Cost" and "Total Cost" will be           calculated automatically.

7. For each line item enter the total "Declared Value of Label (s)". Refer to the On-line Price Guide for pricing or choose from any hardcover price guide. We also recommend using the Astral Price guide at www.astralinc.com. If you do not have access to a price guide then enter the amount you would like to insure the item for.

8. "Total Declared Value" will be calculated automatically.

9. "Shipping with Insurance" will be calculated automatically.
     A. Note: If your shipping account number is entered, nothing will be entered           for shipping. Your account number will cover the cost for return shipping.

10. If you have vouchers, enter the "Total Voucher Amount" you want to use as a credit towards total amount due.

11. "Total Due" will be calculated automatically.

12. For online submission, enter "Preferred form of payment" information in boxes provided. For credit card payments, please provide credit card number, billing address and signature.

13. Read the GCLGS Terms and Conditions. For online submission, check the box indicating you have read and agree with GCLGS Terms and conditions.

14. Submit Order


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