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GCLGS - Grading Standards - Notations

Notations Which May Accompany The Grade

FC - File Copy – The first label produced from a production run. The label will have a printed date indicated on the back of the label.
SS Salesman sample – A label that was part of a salesman sample book.  Prices for lots are indicated on the front or back of the label. The label usually has staple marks or holes on the left side of the label
P/M - Photomechanical or modern offset Printed - Photomechanical produced labels have a uniformed-sized, extremely fine (using half-tone screen) dots.

PP Partial Proof - A proof label that contains only some of the colors of the final production.


PT Properly Trimmed – Indicated on salesman’s sample labels when properly trimmed from salesman’s sample book.  Trimming can be at theLeft margin only.  A PT label can never receive a grade higher than “Near Mint".

ST - Slightly Trimmed –A slightly trimmed inner label may be edge-trimmed up to approximately ¾” from its original size.  A slightly trimmed outer label may be trimmed to approximately 1/16” from the image.  (The outer label will have a narrow white line border.)  An ST label can never receive a grade higher than “Near Mint".


TR - Trimmed –Trimming that is more extensive than that of an ST label.  Trimming may reach the edge of the image without affecting the image.     A TR label cannot receive a grade higher than “Excellent. “  (If trimmed into image, label cannot receive a grade better than “Fair").


V. TitleVerified Title –A label without a title, verified as being part of a set in which one label has a title, and others in the set contain the same image without titles.  Also, an untitled image that is more commonly seen with a title.




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