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GCLGS - Grading Procedures

Grading Procedures

Quality Control
GCLGS is dedicated to customer satisfaction and thereby focuses on quality control. GCLGS goes to great length to make sure that our procedures are:  secure, accurate, consistent, and timely. This requires thorough training of personnel in every step of the procedure.


Receiving and Tracking
When GCLGS receives your order it is immediately verified and logged into our computer system. All orders are entered into the system for tracking. The submission form is then verified to the actual contents of your package. You will be notified through your e-mail address that we have received your order. In addition, notification will be made immediately if anything is missing or damaged. 


Once everything is verified, and in proper condition, your order will be given an internal tracking number that stays with your order until completed. Your order will be securely packaged and stored in a tightly secured area until the actual grading process begins.  In addition, The GCLGS facility is securely protected 24/7 by a security system and authorized security personnel. Authorization to enter and leave the facility is required.


Highly trained personnel will grade each cigar label piece. Expert consultants have over 20 years of detailed knowledge and experience in cigar label art.  Each grader is thoroughly trained in the grading standards and has a strong understanding of various forms of lithography. The grading process is completed in a tightly controlled environment with instruments that can detect the subtle characteristics of each piece of artwork. Your artwork piece will be graded twice, once by initial grader and then by a final consultant grader. The final consultant grader will authenticate the piece as an original production.
Each piece of artwork is tagged with a title, grade and certification number. An encrypted barcode is used for determining GCLGS authenticity.
The last step is to record the label on a population report that will help to determine rarity and value of a label.     


Once the artwork is graded, it goes through a rigorous process of archiving and encapsulating. The GCLGS graded label is encapsulated in inert polyester that is approved by the Library of Congress specification number 500-500-5/31/95 for use in archival storage. The encapsulation is totally sealed and sonically welded in a durable, tamper resistant, crystal clear display.  All of the material (including ink) used in the encapsulation of your label is chemically-inert, and acid free.  Inspections for quality are performed in each step of the process.


Once completed the encapsulated label is then put in a polypropylene three ring sleeve with a cardboard display backing for shipment. The end result is a handsome enclosure viewable on both sides for display. Once your label is encapsulated, the life expectancy of your artifact will be extended indefinitely under the proper storage conditions.


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