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GCLGS - About Us

About Us

Global Cigar Label Grading Service (GCLGS) is a premiere company dedicated to grading and preserving the quality of cigar label art.

When you receive a GCLGS graded display enclosure you are assured that your cigar art is authenticated as original, and preserved according to the strictest standards of preservation. 

It is extremely important that antique paper artifacts (Some cigar labels are well over 100 years old) are preserved properly. Other then careless handling, acidic conditions are the cigar label’s worst enemy.  Yesterday’s storage in scrap books, slipcases, boxes, matting cardboard, and vinyl portfolios can cause rapid damage due to acid migration.  The GCLGS graded label is encapsulated in an inert polyester film that is approved by the Library of Congress specification number 500-500-5/31/95 for use in archival storage.

GCLGS is an independent grading service employing highly skilled graders, trained by our consultants who are recognized as experts in the field.  Graders do not buy or sell cigar labels.  Grades are verified by our consultants, each of whom has over twenty years experience handling cigar label art exclusively.

GCLGS grades and archives inner and outer labels, proofs, and samples. In addition, GCLGS also grades and archives other type of cigar art including flaps, nail tags, end labels, top tags, back flaps, and advertisements. Our standard holder can handle labels up to 10 inches by 7 inches. For larger sizes please call GCLGS for pricing.

GCLGS is a contributing member of the Ephemera Society of America, and associate member of the Society of American Archivist (SSA).

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